…The meme is a satirical take on what some sophisticated AI algorithms do behind the scenes, which the meme exaggerates as a huge stream of nested if() statements. Conditional If() statements have been widely used in traditional computer programming. They are an essential block of the simplest computer programs people write when they learn coding, or when they work with spreadsheets. If() statements sometimes get too complex and convoluted hinting at bad coding practices, so most people with basic programming skills would find the messy If() statements behind the AI-labeled wallpaper as a funny take on the overhype with generative AI and other emerging technologies.

While it’s just a joke, I believe the oversimplification behind the if() statements is intelligent and not too far from reality…

✍️ I began in content publishing back in 2006. I was then an information and communications technology (ICT) student fascinated by the growth of Internet technology and the tools that allowed us to write about our hobbies and interests while connecting with like-minded people. Back when Facebook was not yet popular, and Twitter and Instagram did not exist, people mainly used blogging platforms and personal websites to publish their content. At that time, generally tech-savvy individuals who blogged or owned a website had more visibility. They were easier to find than anyone is in today’s age of information overload. Since …

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AI-generated image. Prompt: "Stunning skyline picture of Detroit at night. Blue sky, hyperrealistic Unreal Engine cool colors futuristic"

Continues from Part 1: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1: Stable Diffusion AI Girls and Google Bard Tales The first part of the post was inspired by Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, the song and album by The Flaming Lips. Part 1 showcased Google Bard and Stable Diffusion storytelling prompts, explored the AI girls digital art trend, and interpreted the lyrics of the song using the creativity of two of the most popular ChatGPT and Bing Chat alternatives: Google Bard and Hugging Chat (more comparisons and AI chatbot battles soon 😎). All blog stories inspired by the playlist end …

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😎 Can you elaborate a short tale from the lyrics of the song “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” by The Flaming Lips? “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1” by The Flaming Lips – Original song lyrics and translations at LyricsTranslate.com Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips: an AI-Assisted Short Tale and Comic Strip 🤖 Sure, here is a short tale based on the lyrics of “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” by The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi is a young woman who lives in a city that is under attack by evil pink robots. The robots are programmed to …

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Front page of The Sun newspaper showcasing a striking solar eclipse against a pitch-black backdrop. The cover includes minimal text: "The Sun," the date, August 12, 1999, and an all-caps subtitle: "THOUGHT: AND THE MOON"

Continues from We Own the Sky by M83. Who owns the Sun? 😎 In our last blog post, you mentioned Rupert Murdoch. I posted something on Twitter about him and discovered he’s a very controversial figure, particularly in the country where he owns The Sun, the United Kingdom. 🤖 The Sun newspaper is owned by a man named Rupert Murdoch, who is a very rich and powerful person. [Read more: https://t.co/ymN4R1L5vA] He has a lot of money and he owns many other newspapers, TV channels, and companies around the world. He also knows many important people,… pic.twitter.com/ShSri6gEWm — David G. R. …

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😎 In 100 to 150 words, what do you know about the album The Queen is Dead by The Smiths?

🤖 The Queen is Dead is the third studio album by the English rock band The Smiths, released in 1986. It was produced by the singer Morrissey and the guitarist Johnny Marr, and features songs that range from indie pop to jangle pop to alternative rock. The album’s title and cover art are references to Hubert Selby Jr.’s novel Last Exit to Brooklyn and the French film L’Insoumis, respectively. The album’s lyrics deal with themes such as death, loneliness, love, and the music industry. The album was critically acclaimed and reached number two on the UK Albums Chart. It is widely considered to be one of the best albums of the 1980s and of all time. [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

💭 The article explores the definition of art and its relation to AI #chatbots and Generative AI.
💡 Large Language Models (#LLMs) like #ChatGPT and Bing Chat are examples of AI technology that can generate valuable text quickly.
🧠 LLMs are just the tip of the iceberg in generative AI; McKinsey & Company’s chart shows the broader opportunities in the generative AI value chain.
🖼️ #AIart, particularly in the realm of text-to-image and imaging models, is gaining widespread adoption and sparking creativity.
🌍 AI imaging, despite not being as popular as other AI applications, could be the next big thing in #generativeAI.